Wine and Walking

"It’s almost impossible to describe the beauty of the Douro! It's like Tuscany without the tourists. We'll treasure our many wonderful memories."

Amanda and Tim

Wine and Walking

"We went on one of the best walks we have ever done. An amazing tour. We totally recommend Grape Discoveries."

Bert and Monica

Wine and Architecture

"The Douro is definitely one of Europe's best kept secrets. We loved the small traditional villages out of another century. James was the best guide you could hope for."

Martha and Dirk

Wine and Food

"Fantastic wine and amazing views! We're telling our friends about Grape Discoveries..."

Silvia and Rodrigo

Wine and Food

"James was an outstanding host, showing us the hidden heart of the Douro and its rich culture. The wines and food were extraordinary. We can't wait for our next tour with Grape Discoveries!"

Vicky and Archie

Wine and Architecture

"We did not know the Douro has so many great treasures. This was a wonderful day with everything looked after. Merci Grape Discoveries!"

Michel and Adrien

Douro Wine Rebels and Pioneers

"James is a lively and expert guide who answers any and all questions about the Douro, its wines and Port. His well-travelled and enthusiastic perspective on the country added to my enjoyment."


Douro Wine Rebels

"We had so much fun on this tour! I cannot express how fantastic our tour experience with Grape Discoveries has been for us."


Douro Wine Rebels

"James Mayor of Grape Discoveries is an excellent guide... friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend the day with."


Wine, Petiscos and Douro Life

"We had no idea how delightful our day would be. No great tour exists without a fantastic tour guide and James is perfect, easy-going, charming and a tremendous expert on wine and the region"


Wine, Petiscos and Douro Life

"The Douro is about grapes. The grape is about life and people. James drives you right to the heart of this. An absolutely unique and unmissable experience!"


Wine, Petiscos and Douro Life

"James showed us a part of the valley we would never have seen on a standard tour. Thank you for a wonderful day that we will remember for ever."


Wine, Petiscos and Douro Life

"James Mayor has to be the best guide we have ever travelled with and the places we visited were second to none."