Is it necessary to be a wine expert to go on a Douro tour?
18 May 2017

No, just be a wine lover! Grape Discoveries is designed for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. You will discover the Douro wine region in a relaxed atmosphere and, besides visiting wineries and wine tasting, you will learn about the Douro’s history, meet interesting local people, go on vineyard walks, and eat fresh local foods prepared in Quinta kitchens.
Some wine tasting tips: 
It is recommended to drink water during wine tastings to stay hydrated in the higher altitude and drier inland climate.
Most tastings provide an (optional) spitting vase, so don’t feel compelled to drink all the wine in your glass, especially if it’s not to your taste.
Restrained use of personal perfumes makes it easier for all participants to learn from and enjoy the unique aromas for each wine type.