Tony Smith, a new Renaissance man in the Douro

16 July 2019
In June, James Mayor of Grape Discoveries interviewed Tony Smith of Lima & Smith, an Englishman shaping Douro table wines on the international wine map.
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Excellent Douro wines to drink this summer

28 June 2019
Only a few years ago, you might have been considered an oeno-masochist for contemplating imbibing a Douro wine in the summer. Quality whites hardly existed, so the reaction would probably have been “you don’t mean one of those heavyweight reds?!”
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Perth Wine Girl in the Douro

21 May 2019
We had the pleasure of welcoming Mary - Perth Wine Girl in the Douro. Mary is a leading wine & travel Instagrammer in Australia and a travel fanatic who loves wine and sharing it through her writing.
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The cooperage: at the heart of Cockburn's magic

21 March 2019
James Mayor visits the cooperage at Cockburn's with Paul Symington. Cooperage is the ancient craft at the heart of Port wine production.
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