A selection of Douro wines to enjoy this winter

16 December 2019
Here are a few Douro reds I recommend… warmly. They showcase the exceptional diversity and complexity of the world-class wines made in this mountainous region with its multitude of micro-climates.
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Rob Symington shapes sustainability

30 October 2019
The first fifth-generation member to join the family company, Symington Family Estates, Rob Symington faced a culture shift when he decided to move from the digital company he had co-founded in a trendy area of London.
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Rita Marques the changing face of Douro winemaking

24 October 2019
James Mayor of Grape Discoveries, interviewed Rita Marques at Conceito, in the Douro Superior.
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James Mayor interviews winemaker Jorge Moreira

14 August 2019
In a region where winemaking is often a family tradition, Jorge Moreira is an exception.
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