Grape Discoveries Fall Promotion

After savouring the Douro wine country this fall on a Grape Discoveries private one-day tour, receive a special gift from us: linger for a night or two to relax and enjoy more of the Valley`s marvellous secrets.

Receive 15% off all nights stayed at Casa dos Barros manor house hotel with any Grape Discoveries tour booked before 21 December 2018*.

Also receive a complementary bottle of Fragulho wine, an authentic boutique vineyard, to sip as you sit in the hotel garden, gaze at the starlit sky, and enjoy the tranquillity of the Douro night.

*Tours must be booked through the Grape Discoveries website by 21 December 2018, but can be taken by 30 May 2019 (except for December, January and February, when we do not operate tours).

Casa dos Barros, a delightful manor house hotel in the heart of the Douro, is one of our favourites: elegant, historic, with lots of character and amazing food, family-owned by the wonderful Teresa.
Receive our gift in two simple steps:

  1. Book your tour with Grape Discoveries by 21 December 2018 on our Wine Tours Page.
  2. We will email you a code to use for your reduced rate at Casa dos Barros.

Your Grape Discoveries Private One-day Tours

For more information about the promotion, please email us at,

or phone (351) 934 753 284.